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Jilly Holness - Lookylooky Border Collies

Lookylooky Masterpiece - Whoosh

Whoosh was the first dog I had ever bred and I adore everything about him. He is now 8 years old and has 1 more qualify to achieve for Championship in Obedience and Whoosh qualified for Championship in Agility during 2014. He has a very floaty heelwork action and is very very light on his feet.

He hasn't been the easiest dog to train, it taking me nearly a year to get him to play with a toy, but patience and hard work has paid off and he is a wonderful boy and I have great pleasure in working with him.

Whoosh took me from Grade 1 in Agility in 2009 to Olympia in 2011 - Wow I had the most fantastic time. Then to go through and win into Championship Agility during 2014 has given me such a buzz. Thank you so much Whooshman.

I will keep you updated with our progress during 2015

Whoosh doing some heelwork at an obedience show

Whoosh January 2015 doing a little obedience training. During 2014 we only competed at one obedience show as we had concentrated on Agility and Whoosh qualified for Championship Class in Agility in 2014. Well done clever boy.

Whoosh Winning Another Grade 6 

Whoosh winning Grade 6 jumping

Special boy Lookylooky Masterpiece.

The 2014 season has virtually come to an end for us with only one more agility show left. Whoosh has one win to qualify Championship in Obedience and has now qualified for championship in Agility. He is my special boy, The first dog I ever bred