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Jilly Holness - Lookylooky Border Collies

Fly is the photo above, She was an amazing girl Competing in C with three qualifiers for Championship who unfortunately lost her battle against cancer at the end of 2012. We miss you so much Fly.

Sassy is mother to Whoosh, Crack and Zing. OH Sassy thank you so very very much for giving me our wonderful Lookylookys. Sassy will be 10 years Old this year and I just do not know where that time has gone. Sassy became C only in obedience. Have a very happy retirement Sassy. She will never get old she is very very young at heart

Darling Bryn in his 16th Year. Bryn had a false hip at 4 years old and I retired him from Obedience. I am amazed at this special boy. He became C only with three qualifiers for Championship in Obedience when he was retired due to having very poor hips.

Unfortunately Bryn passed away in 2012. Sleep well my special special boy until we meet again

This is Chase a Blackrobin Highlander Daughter who lived until she was nearly 14. Chase worked Championship Class C in obedience.

Sleep well my darling Chase until we meet again