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Jilly Holness - Lookylooky Border Collies


Juice is the daughter of Canen Foxy Lady at Lookylooky - My Red and White girlie bred by Shirly Bell.

Juice will be 5years old in March 2015 and has done amazingly at both Agility and Obedience. She has gone B & C only in Obedience and has Gone Grade 6 in Agility . She definitely is an Fabulous Girly and one of the Lights of my Life. I will keep you updated with Juice and I am hoping to breed from her maybe at the end of this year

Juice at the Kennel Club International Festival 2013

I had an amazing year with Juice and she did very very well in the few obedience shows I attended and qualified for the Olympia Semi's on both days, but unfortunately came into season so was unable to attend. We have high hopes for 2014.

Juice is now in Pup September 2013 with pups due End of October .

we will keep you updated

Juice had a fantastic year during 2014. Going B and C only in Obedience only having competed at a couple of shows and also going Grade 6 in Agility. She qualified for 2 large Qualifiers, but had an injury and had to be rested for a few months during this season. Well done Juice and I am looking forward to 2015

This is Juice taken 1st January 2015